Getting Things Done (GTD): A Simple and Tested Productivity Technique

This is the simplest productivity technique that you will find. Most productivity techniques mentioned all over the internet can sometimes get overwhelming. But the GTD technique is simple to implement yet highly effective.

Who created Getting Things Done (GTD)?

Getting Things Done is a time management technique created by David Allen and he has published a book in the same name. He is a productivity consultant and is well known for creating this technique.

What is GTD?

When starting a task, you might have several objectives and sub-tasks to be completed. These tasks may feel scrambled and disorderly in your mind. Instead of going about the task by finishing the first few that pop up, record these tasks externally to avoid confusion.

Image by SageGreenRider — Getting Things Done

David Allen recommends that you use a paper-based system, i.e. a pen and paper to write down these tasks. Physically write down these tasks, organize them and mention a specific time of day as the deadline.

The imagery of how GTD works:

  • At the start of a task, the objectives may seem scrambled in your brain.
  • You pull each one of these tangled tasks from your brain and place them on a sheet of paper.
  • Now your mind is clear of clutter and your tasks are organized outside your mind.

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